What’s up, Jamaica!

An Exhibition Celebrating the work of Photojournalist Nat Valentine

About the Exhibit:
“What’s up, Jamaica!” is part of Design Trust for Public Space’s Neighborhood Commons Initiative, highlighting how art and commerce can support each other in public spaces. Working in partnership with Cultural Collaborative Jamaica, 165th Street Mall, and King Manor Museum, “What’s up, Jamaica!” presents a look back at photojournalist Nat Valentine’s captivating work showcasing events and people around the neighborhood.

Please note, photos on display along 165th Street Mall have been cropped to accomodate banner sizing. You can view the full photos and more below.

About Nat Valentine:

Nat Valentine pursued photography in high school as a past time hobby. However, the hobby became so expensive he turned it into a profession. His first professional job was a wedding in 1977.

Nat became a photographer for the Times Ledger and spent 27 years in that position capturing all the newsworthy events throughout the borough of queens. As a resident of Queens, his love for the borough and his love of photography and people brought together a life filled with much love.

Nat Valentine has taken photos of weddings, social & political events and has also done architectural photography. His interest falls on finding new perspectives on different subjects, making his photography unique from other photographers. His profession has allotted him the opportunity to travel to such countries as Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica WI, Davao Philippines, among others. He has given back to the community by working with non-profits and medical organizations doing pro-bono work. Nat Valentine left the Times Ledger in 2017 but continues to be involved in local photojournalism.